It’s been a lot of woodworking, plastic bending, spray painting and ended up costing more spare time than I am willing to admit. But all that is done, I am calling […]

Worblah? Haha, Good One!

A few years ago I at Animecon asked someone who they made their armour. His answer was Worbla, which I didn’t believe because let’s be honest, who the hell calls […]

The front of the (still wet) suit.

With only a month left until Dutch Comic Con I decided it was about time for me to get off my lazy arse and finish my Fallout cosplay. I decided […]


So what good is a Fallout costume without a prop? Pointless, that’s what it is and so I decided to build my very own AER9 Laser Rifle. How I did […]


When Bethesda announced their special editions for Fallout 4 I was pleasantly surprised. Not only would there be a Bobblehead edition they would also release a limited Pip-Boy edition of […]

“Another year closer to death. Compared to last year it won’t be long until your body will rot away. Fortunately enough for, you managed to postpone it for yet another […]

Innox PB01

One thing I’ll never understand is the high price of pedal boards. €100 for some welded metal with velcro slapped onto it, pretty insane really if you ask me. This was […]

Sonic Screwdriver+360

It’s been roughly three months since I picked up my Moto 360 out of pure curiosity. During these three months I learned some of the most important lessons about wearable […]