STL: Swiss Army Style Key Holder

Like many people I always carry my keys in my pockets. However I don’t want having my keys scratch up my phone or wallet so I always carry them in my back pocket which means they’ll often poke my butt when sitting down.  As I never have this problem with my EDC Swiss army knife I figured I could easily design a keyholder based on one to remedy this first world problem of mine. My original design had some issues, but after some tweaking I managed to make make it work quite nicely by keeping both the the teeth and end of the keys covered in this print.

Just some quick notes:

  • This design is for two 2mm thick keys.
  • You will need 2x m3*16 screws and 2x m3 bolts for assembly.
  • I printed with 20% infill and 3 wall layers, but it you could probably get away using fewer infill.