An updated article from Q4 2021 can be found here

Informal notes on my OBS setup for scenes, use as a webcam, streaming and recording.


Close curtains to gain full control of lights. Fuck the sun!
“Activate streamer mode” on smart lights: Desktop light and ceiling light to white, 100%. Aim desk light to wall to bounce light off for soft clear look. Kallax light can be set to whatever you want for colour accent in the background. Same goes for dumb Livingcolours lights.

Manual exposure and white balance on camera. Webcams: lower exposure for stable frame rates. Disable buffer for facecam to prevent video lag/out of sync talking.


Use nested scenes for any captures you plan on using on multiple scenes like facecams That way yoo only have to adjust things like the crop or colour correction once and have them applied to all other scenes that use the input. Add a [N] to the scene name to easily tell them apart.

Facecam setup: Nested scene with a image mask applied to the scene. Add a border on top. For a shadow, create a second nested scene to apply a drop shadow and have this nested scene loaded in scenes you want to show your face in a box at.

Transitions: use stock, create custom ones with transparant webm files (stingers). You can change which transition should be used per scene.


  • For webcam: 720p canvas with 1080p sources. This allows video cropping and 2x scaling without loss of quality.
  • Recording game footage: 1080p, 60fps with multiple audio channels.
  • Recording timelapse: 1080p, 24fps. No audio. Save as mp4.

Plugins and apps

  • Spectrum analyzer video effect: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/spectralizer.861/
  • OBS StreamControl: Turns any Android/Chrome device into a StreamDeck for free, with more options than the official €150 device. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.t4ils.obs_remote