Corsair iCue lighting and macro layer

This post is part documentation and part pointers to help get you started. As usual, the best way to learn is to just try and mess around.

My default profile

For my keyboard, a Corsair Strafe RGB with MX Brown switches, I ended up settling on a colour scheme based on EVA-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. All colours are solid, there is no flashing or any other distractions going on which is just the way I like it. Colours are broken up in the same way you would find them on keyboards of the days of old, with the only change being the ` key was not given the same colour as the numbers. That way it completes the “frame” which simply looks better to me. My ASUS motherboard, which is compatible with iCue, also uses a colour scheme based on EVA-01 to complete the theme.


Now setting up a few solid colours is simple, which brings me to where the real magic happens: macro keys. For my own sanity I made a duplicate of my EVA-01 profile called EVA-01 With Macros, and in both profiles set the numlock key to toggle between the two profiles. This means I can use all keys as normal, then press numlock and have access to all my macros. Why numlock? Well, because it’s one the keys I barely ever use and is conveniently located at the numpad where most my macros are located. It also gives me a clear indicator of which layer I am on. Numlock light off -> macro layer. Numlock light on -> normal layer. To further assist I also made the Corsair logo change colour in the macro layer.

Delicious unlimited potential!

Nvidia Shadowplay

Shadowplay manual record
+Hi-res screenshot
enterSave last 2:30 of gameplay
*Enabke/Disable Shadowplay

Media Controls

2, 8Volume down/up
1Toggle system mute
4, 6Prev/next track


0Show in-game overlay
3Toggle Discord mute
7Toggle deafen
9Toggle Push to Talk or Voice Activity

Wallpaper Engine

HomeWallpaper playlist 1 (weeb and geek)
EndWallpaper playlist 2 (formal)
Page UpPrevious wallpaper
Page DownNext wallpaper

Application specific profiles

Team Fortress 2

This preset highlights keys used by default in-game, as well os my custom TF2 binds. These include binds for Medic!, Spy!, Thanks!, Go Go Go!, a killbind, crit apology bind, and fish bind. The arrows are Engineer exclusive binds, with each key set to destroy a building and instantly bringing up the build placement. This allows for quicker building than usual at the risk of accidentally fat fingering the wrong key and blowing up one of your buildings.


Nothing too fancy. Blue keys for quick mute/unmute of tracks, red for record, green for play. The keyboard piano keys are coloured purple and I forgot why I have yellow keys (grid controls or favourite controls in left pane?). Honestly I barely use the keyboard as I have a control deck, MIDI instruments and an ASIO enabled guitar input box.


Basic controls in different colours, with the addition of basic macros for automated note block fish farms, auto sleeping, and idle kick protection. I also may or may not Impact client of which I haven’t added to the hack and Baritone shortcut keys onto the numpad.

Cities Skylines

Multi-layer profile, where pressing the left control key reveals shortcuts that use a control modifier. Some of these are vanilla, some are from mods. Frankly I’ve been avoiding Cities Skylines (and Civ V) as I have a nasty tendency to get addicted to the game, up to the point of neglecting my duties and social life.