STL: Neon Genesis Evangelion SEGA LPM combined figure base

Last year I imported a set of 3 SEGA LPM figures from Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Asuka, Rei and Mari. They’re wonderful figures based on their rebuild design with a good balance between looks, quality and price. However they do come with a massive 13cm base which makes it hard to place them close together. This wasn’t a real problem back when I had them on a shelf, but when I tried to move them inside my Expedit they would take up an entire shelf with tons of dead space. Luckily 3D printing is a thing…

If you want to make your own from scratch in different angles or placements, start by making a paper template. Add crosses for each figure peg and mark down how far the figure extends on each side. Take a picture of this paper sheet with a ruler on top and import it into Fusion 360, scaling the picture by using the ruler. Draw the basic base outline in any shape you want. Use calipers to measure the width of each peg and add circles in the drawing with the right widths. Extrude the drawing by at least 8mm (longest peg), save and print.


  • This download contains 2 versions, both with 2 variants.
    • Version 1 is as compact you can get them.
    • Version 2 has the figures spaced out more and moves Asuka slightly to the front to be in line with Rei and Mari’s.
    • Both versions come with a solid and hollow variant. Solid (slice with 5% infill) is plenty strong and takes as much time and 5 grams more filament than the hollow version.
  • When printing on a glassbed, I highly suggest printing the figure base upside-down with the top touching the build plate. This results in a very smooth, almost shiny surface.
  • All peg holes were given 0.5mm additional room due to PLA printing accuracy, but some manual adjusting post-print might be required.