Taking the 2020 Chromecast with Google TV to the next level: G20BTS Plus remote

New year, new update to my Chromecast setup. This little streaming “puck” has really grown on me and today I’ve made yet another affordable upgrade by changing the remote to a €12 G20BTS Plus from AliExpress.

G20BTS+ versus the default remote

Don’t get me wrong, the default remote is more than adequate for regular users. But personally, I longed for some more features and available buttons. This particular remote offers gyro mouse input which feels extremely natural to anyone who used a Nintendo Wii or owns a modern Smart TV where these came standard. It also means I no longer have to grab my keyboard+touchpad for sideloaded apps or basic web browsing. Having roughly 20 buttons available for re-programming, 10 of which being the numpad, opens the door to many more binds and avoiding the launcher screen. Yes, the launcher is nice but physical buttons are simply nicer. The only thing this remote lacks is the freedom to bind IR signals to any key you want. Instead you can only add them to the power and mute key which sucks if you’re like me and use a soundbar with EQ settings that are only available through an IR remote. Also, some key combinations are used to adjust remote settings, so rebinding those is not recommended until you’ve got everything set up the way you want it.


  • Supports voice for search and typing
  • 20 keys available for reprogramming
  • Backlighting
  • Gyro mouse
  • Power and mute can be programmed for IR signals

Chromecast remote

  • Supports voice for search and typing
  • 5 keys available for reprogramming
  • IR limited to what Google allows and disables related CEC controls.

My binds

ButtonSingle pressDouble pressHold press
PowerCan not remap
MuteKept stock
Pg+Kept stock
MouseCan not remap
Pg-Kept stock
Nav wheelShould not be remapped
OKShould not be remapped
BackKept stock
HomeKept stockSidelauncherChromecast Settings
Vol-Kept stock
VoiceCan not remap
Vol+Kept stock
Prev trackKept stock
Play/PauseKept stock
Next TrackKept stock
1SmartTubeNext (YT)
2Ziggo Go
5Amazon Prime
BackspaceKept stock
Backlight/Menu Should not be remapped