STL: Deej Controller Enclosure – Keychron C1 style

This is a basic enclosure that followes the height, size and slope of a Keychron C1. It’s meant for use with the open source Deej project. For my build, please check out my article.

Parts needed for build:

  • 1x Arduino Nano with USB Type C
  • 4x 10K linear potentiometer
  • 4x knobs of choice
  • Wiring
  • 4x m3 brass screw thread inserts (5mm outer diameter)
  • 4x m3x5 screws, but should supports up to m3x19
  • Soldering iron

Flaws (wont fix because I’m lazy)

As I made this model for myself, I don’t feel like fixing the 2 issues I cam across. You can easily fix both with a soldering iron.

  • USB port needs to stick out 1 mm more.
  • The sides were the Arduino sits may or may not require some widening depending on which model you use.