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STL: Swiss Army Style SD Card Holder

A swiss army inspired SD card case. You can add as many layers as you like/need to fit all your cards and just as with the flat case each card is locked in place. In the end it’s held together by two m3 screws and bolts. I personally added a ballpoint pen spring to the […]

STL: Super Flat SD Holder

A 2 part flat SD card holder that fits up to 4 cards. Takes up as little room as possible while still keeping your cards safe so you can always squeeze them in somewhere. Inserting them upside-down also pushes the SD card write protection slider to on. Lid is optional

STL: (Key) Box for Timed Lock

A small box to be used with those nifty timed locks you can find on Ali Express for €8. Fits several padlock keys and can be scaled up if necessary. Thin walls can withstand abuse yet allow the box to be cut open if necessary.

STL: Swiss Army Style Key Holder

Like many people I always carry my keys in my pockets. However I don’t want having my keys scratch up my phone or wallet so I always carry them in my back pocket which means they’ll often poke my butt when sitting down.  As I never have this problem with my EDC Swiss army knife […]