Who I Am

I am Kevin, a creative jack of all trades from the Netherlands. In the past 2 decades I’ve found myself jumping between hobbies, often circling back to the ones I enjoy the most. My original background is in IT and networking which I grew tired off. Today, I am active as the lead graphics designer at a Abunai!, a major non-profit Dutch anime convention with 9k to 10k visitors.

If I had to list my favourite hobbies and passions, I would sum it up to making music, 3D printing and CAD modeling, model building, photography and graphics design. But I have had many more creative hobbies and learned a lot from all of them. In the past I’ve been active in and helped manage several communities. Noteworthy ones include Oncyclopedia (Dutch satirical parody of Wikipedia), Pulp Fortress (defunct TF2 clan), and the Dutch branch of an international cosplay board. Aside of my creative pursues I also enjoy gardening, hiking, whisky and monster movies.

This website mostly serves as a place for me to release, document and share my creative outings. I rarely follow an upload schedule and simply publish whatever I find to be interesting. If you are looking to get in contact with me, feel free to check my Linktree. Twitter and Discord are likely your best bet as I am rarely active on other social platforms.